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Heavy rain disrupts normal life

25Sylhet City as well as some parts of the district experienced a heavy rainfall in last four days causing serious disruption of civic life and hampering business activities.
The incessant rain caused heavy water logging in most of the low lands in the town and other parts of the district. Standing crops and vegetables on the vast low-lying lands in the district were affected either partly or completely due to the incessant rainfall for the last four days submerging the low lying lands.
Due to the incessant rainfall rise of water level and strong current of the Surma river triggered riverbank erosion at different villages of Sadar and Jointapur upazilas of the district.
The villagers of Goingat upazila are passing their days with fear as their crop lands, houses and other properties would go to river bed any time because of the alarming scale of riverbank erosion.