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Shokh in ‘Sikandar Box’ sequel, new TV ads

36On the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr, Anika Kabir Shokh is engaged with new works. She didn’t come into media by contesting in any reality show. Shokh has already established her position in media by virtue of her acting skill.On the occasion of Eid, Shokh is acting in viewers’ choice popular Eid sequel Sikandar Box. A shooting unit led by Sagor Jahan has reached in Rangamati on Sunday for taking part in shooting of Eid sequel Sikandar Box Ekhon Rangamati. Shokh is also expected to reach there.Earlier Shokh acted in Eid sequels Sikandar Box Pagol Prai and Sikandar Box Ekhon Bandarban. She acted most of the sequels of Sikandar Box till now.While talking in this regard Shokh told this correspondent, “I am really grateful to director Sagor Jahan because he is giving me the opportunity to act in his directed viewers’ choice serial sequel of Sikandar Box one after another. I get huge response to act in this sequel play. I hope this serial will also be liked by the viewers.”As usual Mosharraf Karim acted in role of Sikandar Box while Shokh performed in role of his wife in the serial.Therefore, Shokh has also performed as a model in Sonok Mitra’s directed a TV commercial of Tibet and Nafiz Reza’s directed another TVC of a product of Pran on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. These two TVCs will be aired in different satellite channels during Eid festival, Shokh said.Meanwhile, for Eid Shokh has also worked in several other plays under the directions of Debashish Barua Dip, Mabrur Rashid Bannah, Rubel, Parvez, Shakhawat Manik, among others. Before going to Rangamati Shokh has taken part in shooting of a talk show based on Sikandar Box for Banglavision, which was hosted by Shamim Shahed. However, Shokh’s performed two TVCs – Jui Coconut Oil and Swiss Line are being aired in different channels right now.    Shokh informed that she will return to Dhaka from Rangamati on June 18. After returning she will take part in shooting of other directors’ works. Now she is not interest to work in any new movie. She is planning to act in new movie for -Eid-ul-Azha, Shokh said.