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Fake note dealers back in business ahead of Ramzan

8A group of miscreants are now actively involved in Sylhet area making fake notes ahead of Ramzan. Those who have mastered the art of making forged notes are now in great demand. 10 gangs are involved in producing and circulating phony notes in the Sylhet city alone.
An official of the Detective Branch of Sylhet Metropolitan Police said the fake note dealers often work in collusion with bank cashiers and officials of security agencies to put forged notes in ATM booths.
The crime of forging notes is nothing new. Many claim American dollar, the most widely used currency around the world, is regularly forged and such notes are freely used in transactions. Except experts, the general people cannot differentiate between a forged note and an authentic one. When the situation is so, how can we expect that a farmer or cattle trader in Bangladesh will be able to immediately detect a fake note?
This is why the crime of producing and circulating fake notes sees a dramatic rise in times of Ramzan, Eid or Puja, the biggest festivals of the Muslim and the Hindu communities. Besides, as the report has revealed, bank as well as security officials work as accomplices of the criminals.
We specifically do not know whether people of other professions are also involved in such practice directly or indirectly. As we have repeatedly failed to stop such crimes, it can be assumed that law enforcement officials as well as those working in courts are also complicit in the wrongdoing.