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Living in danger of landslide

14People still live on Sylhet hill slopes that are prone to landslides. The authorities have identified 20 risky hills in the Sylhet city and have asked the inhabitants to move away. In June, there was a token eviction drive but nothing has been done since. With the monsoon in full swing, it is a disaster waiting to happen. With all indications of this year’s monsoon lingering, people live at the foot and on the slopes of hills in Sylhet city amid high risk of landslides.
The authorities concerned allegedly are not doing much to relocate the people living in places vulnerable to landslides.
Landslides triggered by heavy rains in the city claimed at least 40 Wounded in the last seven days. The disasters took place in Baluchar, Khadimpara,khadimnogor, Islampur, Mejortila, Mongli par, Howladar para, Jalalia Housing areas.
Hills in these areas are constituted of flaky soil and vulnerable to heavy rainfall if the surface is not covered with vegetation, say environmentalists who also hold illegal cutting of hills responsible for such disasters.
To prevent further loss of lives,
Shafa, a resident of Khadim, says she lived there because the rent was cheap. She pays Tk 1,000 a month for a room.
Locals allege most of those who claim ownership of hills have no valid documents of possession. Yet they can rent out such vulnerable makeshift structures because of their political clout or ties with government officials.
Instead of carrying out any more eviction drive this year, the committee now plans to use loudspeakers to ask the remaining dwellers to leave the risky areas.