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Navy to have two modern submarines

12Bangladesh Navy chief Vice Admiral Muhammad Farid Habib yesterday said that two modern submarines were going to be added to the navy fleet within next year. He said this while addressing the Summer President Parade of the direct entry officers and midshipman of Bangladesh Navy at Bangladesh Naval Academy in Chittagong. “The present government has undertaken all necessary steps to safeguard the maritime boundary and conserve the maritime resources of the country. The government has also undertaken measures to modernise the naval force,” said Habib.   “As part of the modernisation process, a good number of ships have been added to the fleet of the force. Besides, the two-dimensional capacity of the force was ensured with the addition of helicopter and maritime patrol aircraft. With the addition of two modern submarines to the naval fleet, the force will turn into a three-dimensional one,” said the navy chief.
The navy chief also called upon the newly commissioned officers of the navy to perform their duty with highest merit, knowledge and able leadership.  A total of 60 officers, including 4 direct entry officers and 56 midshipmen, were commissioned. Acting sub-lieutenant Faruqul Islam secured the ‘Shaheed Moazzem Padak’ for his outstanding result while midshipman Md Al Amin got the ‘Sword of Honour’ for his all-round performance during the course. Besides, midshipman Sanzida Afroj was awarded with ‘Birshrestha Ruhul Amin Gold Medal’ for securing the highest quality in professional and educational subjects while midshipman Md Mizanul Haque Imran got the ‘Naval Chief Gold Medal’. Earlier, Bangladesh Navy chief Vice Admiral Muhammad Farid Habib attended the President Parade and took salute of the officers.