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Hasina urges strengthening AL grassroots

12Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has urged strengthening the party’s grassroots.
During a meeting with the local Awami League at Sylhet airport’s VVIP lounge, she asked leaders to pay attention to issues of party organisation down to the smallest unit.
Hasina returned to Bangladesh from a six-day UK visit on Thursday.
The Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight carrying her landed at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport at 11:43am after an hour of recess in Sylhet.
The flight landed at the Osmani International Airport around 10:05am.
A delegation of the party’s Sylhet chapter led by its president Badruddinh Ahmad Kamran met Hasina during the break.
The Awami League chief thanked the people of Sylhet for supporting her niece Tulip Siddiq during the UK general elections, who was elected MP.
I went to the UK Parliament to hear her speech. I am proud of Tulip. All of you have worked for her.”
Referring to four-nation pact on motor vehicle movement, signed recently in Bhutan, she said:“From now on people can go to Nepal and Bhutan in their own vehicles. Our economy will strengthen regional connectivity.”
On the note of implementing the Land Boundary Agreement with India, the prime minister said:”A lot of governments took office since 1975, but none of them took any initiative on this matter, not even the caretaker governments.”
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina greets countrymen ahead of Ramadan
Sylhet City AL President and former mayor Badaruddin Ahmed Kamran chaired the function.