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Polythene bags clogging up Sylhet city’s drains

13As the arrival of monsoon brings with it more frequent occurrences of water stagnation in Sylhet  city, authorities concerned fail to address the potential of polythene bags to inflict further damage to the existing crisis.
Although polythene bags were banned in the country in 2002, little enforcement of the restriction has been seen so far.
the discarded bags clog up the sewers and affect the drainage system, resulting in water stagnation in places where the problem could have been avoided.
Despite the dangers, it is the low production cost that makes the plastic bags more common at grocery stores and more acceptable to customers.
Abdul Bari, a consumer at Kazir  Bazar who was using a polythene bag to carry the mangoes he just bought, admitted that he was aware about the ban on plastic bags, but could not refuse it when the shopkeeper supplied it.
Anwar Hossain, a shopkeeper at Bondor Bazar, said there was no alternative, environment-friendly or cost-effective shopping bags available.
He added that most customers did not carry any reusable bags and asked for polythene bags that could be discarded easily.