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Brinjal, green chili, fish get dearer as Ramadan begins

32Prices of vegetables including brinjal, imported ginger, green chili and fish went up in the city at the beginning of Ramadan, putting more pressure on the wallets of the city dwellers. Price of brinjal, a much desired item during Ramadan, jumped by Tk 20 to Tk 60 a kg on the first day of Ramadan.
Price of parble(patal) soared to Tk 40 a kg from last week’s Tk 30 while lady finger was also selling at Tk 40 per kg from last week’s Tk 30 a kg.
Prices of fish and imported ginger also jumped in the Sylhet  city’s kitchen markets as the Ramadan begins. The traders blamed supply crunch for the price hike of fish.However, price of edible oil, spices, lentil and imported garlic remained unchanged in the city till filing of this report on Friday.
Traders in the city’s Brommomoye and Subhanighat kitchen markets were retailing green chili at Tk 60 a kg on Friday, up from Tk 40 per kg last week. Potato was selling at Tk 25 per kg.Local and imported onions, a much consumed item during the month of Ramadan, were selling at Tk 48 and Tk 40 per kg respectively in the city markets.
Imported ginger was selling at Tk 150 per kg, up from Tk 130 per kg last week. Imported garlic was retiling at Tk 90 per kg and Tomato Tk 60 per kg in the city on Friday. Popular Iftar item gram, imported from Australia, was selling at prices ranging from Tk 60-65 a kg while other varieties were selling at Tk 55-60 per kg.Of the lentils, masur was selling at Tk 110 a kg, khesari at Tk 60 per kg and mug dal was retailing at Tk 120 per kg.
Traders were selling beef at Tk 380 per kg, mutton at Tk 500 a kg and broiler chicken at Tk 170 per kg in the city markets on Friday.  Eggs were selling at Tk 32 per hali.A medium sized hilsa was selling Tk 800 a kg, cultured koi at Tk 300 a kg, Ruhi at Tk 400 per kg and Katol was selling at Tk 450 per kg at the city’s kitchen markets on Friday.