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People Swarm Iftar Market in Sylhet

38Fasting people swarmed the traditional iftar market at Sylhet to buy iftar items on Sunday, the 2nd day of Ramzan. The fasting month of Ramadan has begun, turning several localities in Sylhet virtually into open buffets with eateries flanking the streets.
For those who will break the day-long fast at sunset, arrays of food stalls selling Iftar delicacies have been set up in various places of Sylhet.
From upscale restaurants to roadside eateries, all have special menu.
They, however, complained that the prices were a bit higher than they were the previous years. Like the other years, traders started putting on display varieties of iftar items since Sunday afternoon. The common iftar items in the Sylhet markets were chhola boot, puffed rice, beguni, aloor chop, piyaju, fried items and drinks prepared with fruit or sugar or molasses and water.
Iftar items like Shahi Doi Bora, different types of kabab, mutton and chicken cutlet, kima parata, kima roll, roasts of pigeon, chicken and Koel, Borhani, Matha, Bundia, Jelabi, Bundia and different varieties of sweetmeats were available at the market
The aroma of freshly cooked food waft through the air in Zinda Bazar, Amborkhana and Bondor Bazar Road.
Apart from these two traditional Iftar hot spots, food stalls have come up in front of almost all shopping malls in Zinda Bazar, Dorgagate, Kudrotullah and other places.
On the first day of Ramadan,
From Friday afternoon, shopkeepers of Amborkhana, Bondor Bazar and other areas of the capital started setting up their stalls with a full range of Ramdan delicacies. As the day progressed, the crowd also increased.
The customers of all ages jostled with each other to get the delicacies of their choice. Once delivered, they rushed back home with satisfaction.
However, the shopkeepers said the extreme hot weather dampened their sales.
A resident of Uposhohor Road, Anwar Hussain told “In this hot weather, consumption of fried food items can lead to ailments. So, I have taken some juices and Daibarhas despite having small children who love fries.”
A staff of a stall called ‘Sabuj’ said they specialised on chicken Chaps, beef Bhuna and ‘Gudda Bhuna’.
People thronged here to buy these three items, he said.
There were also complaints of prices being jacked up during Ramadan.
“For the beef Bhuna, which used to cost Tk 60 a plate, eateries are now charging Tk 80,” a customer said.