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Police to charge MP son Rony, no one else

16Awami League MP Pinu Khan’s son Bakhtiyar Alam Rony will be the only person to be charged with killing two in downtown Dhaka.

Police said Saturday the chargesheet will be submitted to the court ‘soon’.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Joint Commissioner Monirul Islam said that a report based on witness accounts and findings of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was almost ready.

“Let’s see if Rony agrees to give a confessional statement in the court,” he told bdnews24.com.

Rony has been sent back to jail after a four-day police remand. Investigators say they are now certain that the victims died from bullets fired form Rony’s gun.

“The CID’s ballistic report reveals that the calibre of bullets found on the victims’ bodies and that of Rony’s pistol’s match,” Islam told a media briefing on Friday.

Rony is the only person who will be charged, he said. “The investigation report will only name him. There will be no other accused.”

According to confessional statements given to the court by Rony’s friend Kamal Mahmud, who was in the car during the shooting, and the driver, Imran Fakir, it was the MP’s son, who fired the shots.

Another friend of Rony, Tiger Kamal, also described the incident to the police, said DMP Joint Commissioner Islam.

“The three statements match, helping a lot in the investigations.”

Quoting Rony’s friends, he said: “Rony was sitting on the passenger’s seat in the front, while Tiger Kamal and Kamal Mahmud were in the back seats.

“Irritated by the traffic, Rony fired from his gun. When his friends asked: ‘What have you done?’ Rony said, ‘Nothing will happen, I fired blanks’.

“Based on these testimonies it seems that Rony is responsible, not the other who were in the car.”

Auto-rickshaw driver Yakub Ali and rickshaw-puller Abdul Hakim were killed in that random firing from a black SUV around 1:45am on Apr 14, according to police.

Rony is said to have fired on them while ‘on drugs’.

Detective Branch arrested Rony and the vehicle’s driver Imran Fakir on May 31 for their suspected involvement in the killings.

Media reported that the vehicle involved in the incident belonged to ruling lawmaker Pinu Khan.

Police have impounded the SUV.