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Flyover construction leads to terrible traffic chaos in Sylhet

95The snail’s pace of construction work on the Court point Flyover in Sylhet has turned irksome for those who commute regularly through the areas as they have to face immense sufferings for severe traffic congestions due to the dilapidated condition of roads caused by the project work,

Commuters face unbearable miseries while travelling through the roads connecting Modubon,Hasan Market,Zinda bazar,Bondor bazar, Kudrat ullah areas. The roads that developed deep potholes due to the construction work turn muddy even after a little rainfall, putting commuters at risk of accidents As there is no traffic regulation, vehicles frequently make U-turns, blocking the movement of others. Locals, commuters and pedestrians blamed the contractors for building the flyover without having any proper management in place to implement the project,

Subana Begum, a resident of Upshohor area, said, “It’s completely a bad planning…we’ve to wait in traffic gridlock for hours together if we want to go anywhere due to the construction work. Our miseries have aggravated with the advent of monsoon.” Riyaz Rahman, who works in a private firm in Modina Market area, said “Traffic jam in and around the project area will get worse during the Ramadan and upcoming Eid as there are at least five shopping malls in a close location there.” While visiting some areas adjacent to the flyover project, The correspondent found long tailbacks as the size of the roads along the project site has turned narrower due to the construction work, forcing the vehicles to move slowly.

Sylhet City Corporation Chief Executive Anamul Habib said he asked the authorities concerned to complete the work quickly and the works on two packages will be completed within the next months.