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Water crisis dogs Sylhet city life

91Sylhet city dwellers are in extreme woes as water crisis is going from bad to worse here with the onset of summer. Scarcity of pure drinking water amid extreme heat is making life of the townspeople unbearable and the situation is getting worse gradually.Every day, people are seen waiting in long queues to collect water in various places. In most areas, In recent time, the residents experienced serious water crisis in different areas including at Rainogor, Razbari, Dorgipara, Doptori para, Mitaly Manipuri Rajbari, Sen Para, and ShahiEidgah.
Sylhet City Corporation does not supply water more than one or two hours on sunday.
On the other hand, there are some areas where water is not supplied even for once in a day.
Sakila Akhtar, a resident of Raynogor, said they face acute water crisis almost every day, which hampers cooking and their other household chores.
Sima Roy of Mitaly said they are not getting water in time for long.
Recently, the problem has become more severe, she added.
Executive engineer Ali Akbor of the water supply section of SCC admitted that they could not supply water at present as per the requirement of the city dwellers. He Could not reply this matter.