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PM warns against possible future violence by BNP-Jamaat

22Noting that BNP-Jamaat with their subversive acts before the January-5 polls and also after January-5 this year have led to the country to colossal loss alongside burning people to death, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday warned that her government is firm to prevent such violence.
Sheikh Hasina this replying to a tabled question from ruling party MP Shamsul Haque Chowdhury (Chittagong-12) during her scheduled question-answer session in Parliament on Wednesday.
Sheikh Hasina, also the Leader of the House, said since January 2015 to this April, some 128 people were killed, including 73 who were burned to death, in mindless arson attacks and petrol bombs during the hartal and blockade enforced by the BNP-led 20-party alliance.
Besides, she said, some 1,395 vehicles were also burned and damaged during the period as well as six lunches and 13 trains that fell to the rage of their destructive acts.
The Prime Minister alleged, “The BNP-Jamaat with their issueless movement had not only caused damages to the country’s property, but also severely tarnished the country’s image and discouraged Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to large extent.”
She informed the House that to deal with the huge number of cases filed against the perpetrators of these subversive acts and anarchy, Sessions Judge and Additional Sessions Judge of each district have been given power to hold trial of the crimes under the Anti Terrorism Act, 2009 to speedily dispose these cases of.
Sheikh Hasina said high officials are now monitoring the investigation activities to speed up the investigation process of the cases filed against such subversive acts and anarchy.
She said the police and prosecutor are now active enough to ensure the punishment of the criminals against those cases which are already in the trial court.
Replying to another question from Mahfuzur Rahman (Chittagong-3) of Awami League, the Prime Minister said the country’s people were beside the government during the hartal and blockade since January, 5 this year as they did not accept this illogical hartal and blockade and even handed over the criminals to law-enforcement agencies.
Hasina said, “Due legal process is being taken against those committed various subversive acts and the order givers.”