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2,000 welding workshops run illegally in Sylhet

23Around 2,000 welding workshops have been running without license, polluting the environment severely in Sylhet  division.
Most of the workshops are situated near different educational institutions and residential areas, which affects health of the students studying and the people living there.
Prof Dr Aktarul Islam of SUST said sparks fly during the welding workshop, which enter and harms the human body extremely.
He suggested action against the roadside workshops immediately.
Many of the welding workshops are encroached on the footpaths. About 80% children are also appointed as labourers in these workshops, breaking labour law.
Director of the Department of Environment, Sylhet  said, “A good number of workshops have taken license from us, but it is not possible to say about the exact figure.”
“Due to shortages of manpower and transports we can not enforce law against such workshops,” he said, seeking more staff to be appointed by the government at the office to handle such things in the region.
Blaming Palli Bidyut authorities for their failure to rein in such workshops, he said they were requested several times not to give any power connections to such workshops but that proved futile.
superintendent engineer of  Sylhet Pollybiddut Somity said, “If anyone takes power lines legally and uses them for any purpose they want, we cannot do anything about it.