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Chandni-Intekhab Dinar-Jenny in serial Mayabono Biharini

28Before Eid, actors remain engage with acting for either Eid plays or telefilms. But sometimes these actors cannot avoid acting in good story and script based serials. Mayabono Biharini is that type of serial in which any actor cannot avoid to agree to work. For the first time, Chandni, Intekhab Dinar and Jenny acted together in a serial on the occasion of Eid. Masud Mohiuddin has given direction of the serial which shooting was being started in the city’s Uttara area from last Friday.To perform with Chandni again in a serial again actor Intekhab Dinar told this correspondent, “Earlier I had worked under Masud Bhai’s direction. He works in some original story based plays in which any actor cannot ignore to act in his directed play. Chandni and I started our acting career in the small screen in same time. Both Chandni and Jeeny come to the set for acting after reading script properly. It is a good sign for good acting because it becomes easier to take part in shooting before reading the script.”Chandni said, “Dinar Bhai is a gentle person with good human being. From the beginning of my career we have been working together in the small screen. He is a serious actor. With Jenny I first worked in Golam Sohrab Dodul’s directed a serial titled Mama Bhaigna. She is like my younger sister. I like her. In this new serial, we worked together joyfully.”Jenny shared her feelings by this way, “Tarin Apu, Chandni Apu and Runa are my favourite actresses in media because their acting always impress me a lot. I have really enjoyed working with Chandni Apu again. I am giving thanks to director to include me as a performer in this serial. Dinar Bhai is also my favourite person.”The serial Mayabono Biharini will be aired in any satellite channel after Eid-ul-Fitr, said its director Masud Mohiuddin.It may be mentioned that both Chandni and Dinar first worked together in once popular mega serial Bondhon. Later they worked together in several times. On the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr, Dinar worked in four to five plays including Abul Hayat’s directed play Molinar Shesh Ratri, Sumon Anwar’s Kalagul, etc. On the other hand, Chandni worked in Ruman Runi’s directed a play. Next week she will work under Mamunur Rashid’s direction in a play for Bangladesh Television on the occasion of Eid, she said.Jenny acted in several plays directed by Mohammd Ashiqur Rahman, Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, Maruf Mithu, Kawshik Shankar Das, Mizanur Rahman Ariyan and Sagor Jahan, Jenny said.