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Extortion rears ugly head during Ramadan

37With Eid-ul-Fitr drawing nearer, sidekicks of listed criminals in Sylhet have resurfaced to get involved in criminal activities like extortion in the Sylhet area and on its outskirts over telephone.
During Ramadan, organised criminals in large groups are roaming in the metropolis. Their
targets are owners of small industries, business establishments and restaurants.
Gangsters belonging to hardcore criminals are systematically realising tolls from businessmen through threatening them over telephone. Intimidated, victims are forced to pay toll to criminals.
Detectives said businessmen, particularly garment manufacturers, rich people and senior public officials often receive phone calls from criminals for tolls.
The criminals fail to get the asking money, they do not hesitate to torture or take the lives of the victims.
Sources said most of the listed top terrors are currently staying outside the country while some languish in jail. But their local associates are engaged in criminal activities like extortion in the name of their runaway bosses.
Criminals don’t just give death threats. They get to you and harm you if you refuse to pay the money they demand,” said a businessman from Upshahor area.
Joint Commissioner (DB) Sylhet said in most of the cases, it is found that the callers are bogus. “Since the public get frightened by terrors, a vested quarter as well as petite criminals in the name of wanted criminals systematically realise tolls from traders.”
The police officer has called on the people not to get afraid with such calls.
Intelligence sources said criminal gangs are becoming stronger in the city with many teenagers getting involved with them in extortion and snatching.