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Mexican-American singer Becky G takes on Donald Trump

33The teenage Mexican-American singer Becky G released a song Friday in celebration of immigrants as she voiced outrage over derogatory statements by tycoon turned Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.The 18-year-old singer and rapper, often described as an up-and-coming star of Latin pop, put out via Twitter a song called “We Are Mexico” and dedicated it to Trump.The song, which was retweeted 2,500 times in the first two hours, appears on a YouTube video with a fist adorned with flags of Latin American countries, raised over the Mexican and US flags.Over a trip-hop backdrop, the Los Angeles-born Becky G raps about her encounters with Latinos before singing the title, “We are Mexico.””When I say us, I don’t just mean the Latin community. I did this for everyone who came to this country for a better life,” she tweeted.Trump set off outrage among many Latinos when, in a rambling speech announcing his presidential run, he said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.”