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It’s cocaine worth Tk 1,100cr- Police : Seized oil drums at Ctg port

21Existence of cocaine was traced at last in one of the drums of edible oil, seized from a container at Chittagong Port, after retests yesterday.
“Samples collected from the drums were tested in laboratories of Bangladesh Drug Testing Laboratory and Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The tests found the existence of cocaine in one of the drums seized from the container,” Hossain Ahmed, additional director of Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation, said.
On June 8, primary tests conducted at Chittagong Port did not find any trace of cocaine in the oil of any of the drums.
Later, the samples were sent to Dhaka for further examination.
Out of 107 drums full of sunflower oil, the retests detected 185 kilograms of liquid cocaine in a drum.
“We have received an official letter in black and white that 185kg cocaine has been detected. The estimated price of the cocaine is Tk 1,100 crore,” said Devdas Bhattachyarya, additional police commissioner (Crime & Operation) of Chittagong Metropolitan Police.
The oil consignment was imported by Khan Jahan Ali Limited of Nabi Market, 232 Khatungong, Chittagong, declaring ‘crude sunflower oil’ from Bolivia. No Letter of Credit (LC) was opened for importing the consignment.
On June 8, a container carrying the drums were opened and examined in the presence of senior officials of police, department of narcotics control, intelligence branch, customs intelligence and Chittagong Port Authority (CPA).
The narcotics department, in the field-level examination conducted on the same day, found no existence of cocaine.
As per a report of the Interpol, the CMP requested the CPA to seal off the container.
Earlier, in the presence of CPA, customs intelligence and CMP officials, the containers, suspected to have 107 drums filled with liquid cocaine, were sealed off at Chittagong Port on June 6.