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UK Nirmul Committee paid tribute to Jahanara Imam on her death anniversary

22The newly appointed Press Minister of Bangladesh at London High Commission office Mr Nadim Kadir said that they need to progress ahead with Jahanara Imam’s torch of spirit in order to complete her unfinished works. Mr Kadir was speaking at a discussion meeting on Jahanara Imam at a restaurant in Brick Lane on Friday, the 26th of June which was organised by the Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee UK. Shahid janani (mother of martyred) Jahanara Imam died 26 years ago on the 26th of June 1994 after suffering from cancer.

Echoing the same spirit, the other speakers at the discussion event also stressed that each and every crime against humanity in Bangladesh should be brought to justice and the assets of such criminals should be seized. Speakers also said that the mission of Jahanara Imam was progressing towards a successful completion, which she had introduced 23 years ago. The vice president of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee UK journalist Ishaq Kajol chaired the discussion event while assistant general secretary of the organisation Jamal Ahmod Khan was conducting. Several speakers expressed their concern about the alteration of the first constitution of Bangladesh. They demanded to omit ‘Bismillah’ and ‘State religion Islam’ from the constitution to go back to the original one that was adopted in 1972.

The discussion event was attended by the chief guest Nadim Kadir, special guest Sultan Mahmud Sharif, former press minister Abu Musa Hasan, journalist Ansar Ahmed Ullah, vice president of UK Nirmul Committee Syed Enamul Islam, information and research secretary of UK Nirmul committee Matiar Chowdhury, international affairs secretary Pushpita Gupta, ex president of UK Nirmul committee Julie Begum, Shahabuddin Belal, Ajanta Deb Roy of UK Gono Jagoron Mancha, accountant Mahmud A Rouf, press and publications secretary of UK Nirmul Committee Enamul Haque, treasurer of UK Nirmul Committee Shah Mustafijur Rahman Belal, former student leader Altafur Rahman Chowdhury Mita and many more.