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Chilli growers frustrated for price fall in Bishawanath

22Despite bumper production of chilli, farmers here are worried of recouping their production as the price of their produce falls in the local markets.
Most farmers are not harvesting chilli from their fields, but this may become suicidal for them if the chilli gets damaged by rain. The grown-up chilli was found in massive amount in different places of the district, especially at Bishawanath Upazila.
Deputy Director of The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) here said in this season chilli was cultivated on 968 hectares of land in the district.
He further said that after drying the green chilli the weight stands at 25 per cent of the yield, that is, 1,456 metric tons dry chilli have been available.
Deputy Director further said, “Chilli is an essential spice in the country. It is cultivated on high lands. It is a profitable crop, but this year, due to low market price, the chilli growers cannot make profit.”