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Prices of spices getting hotter ahead of Eid

25Price of spices have been climbing up at the kitchen markets of the Sylhet  ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr when the demand peaks.Vegetables were being sold at a lower price on Friday from the previous week.
kitchen markets at Kahligat, Bondor Bazar, Mira Bazar, Zinda Bazar and Amborkahana on the weekend.Price of soyabean and sunflower oil and ginger, garlic, onion, dry chilli, cumin and other spices increased on additional demand, the sellers at the kitchen markets said.A commerce ministry report also says the demand for these doubles during Ramadan.Prices of brinjal, cucumber, potato and other vegetables eased but those of egg and chicken soared.A one-litre bottle of soybean oil was being sold at Tk 100 which was Tk 98 in the last week.Similarly, a five-litre soybean bottle gained Tk 10 to sell at Tk 450 to 485, depending on brands.Onion was being sold at up to Tk 48 per kg which was between Tk 40 and 45 in the last week.The price of imported garlic and ginger also climbed. Garlic was being sold at Tk 110 to 115 per kg while ginger at Tk 160 to 180.Dry chilli soared to Tk 180 to 200 a kg. It was sold at Tk 150 to 160 at the beginning of Ramadan two weeks ago.Sellers said cumin was selling between Tk 350 and 500 which was highest Tk 450 before Ramadan.Gopibagh’s spice trader Ataur Rahman said the demand and price of essential items usually rose before Eid, but there was no abnormal price hike.On Friday, brinjal was being sold between Tk 40 and 70, based on quality and variety. It was sold at Tk 60 to 80 in the last week.Cucumber prices dropped to Tk 40 from Tk 50 a kg.Potato which climbed to Tk 22 to 25 was now being sold at Tk 20 to 22. Green chilli and tomato prices gained to sell at Tk 80 or more per kg. Egg was being sold at Tk 32 per four-unit, which was Tk 28 the last week.The price of local chicken increased by Tk 30 to Tk 380 per kg, but that of broiler chicken fell by Tk 5 to Tk 145 to 155.