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Teenagers humming towards silk shops, showrooms in Sylhet

Teenagers humming towards silkOn the eve of holy Eid-ul-Fitr, largest religious festival of the Muslims, shopping in the silk shops and showrooms has gained momentum as Eid of Sylhet people is interlinked with silk dress.
Since time immemorial, the people use silk wears as their heritage of Eid festival in this region which is famous for quality silk production.
Silk fabrics, weaved and designed by local artisans, are on tremendous demand in the Eid markets of the city, with the moneyed people rushing to the city silk showrooms every day.
With attraction of eye-catching colour and design of the silk wears, large number of people irrespective of age and sex and the adolescents in particular are humming towards the showrooms to collect their best ones.
Varieties of silk clothes namely bolaka karchupi, sui-suta katan, koti silk, joyashri, silk katan, water katan, jamdani katan, borkatan, dupiana, jhorna katan, shari, three piece, orna, panjabi-paijama, shirt, fatua and scarf are on display in every of the shops and showrooms to attract the buyers.
The buyers from the richer class are also selecting and purchasing their choicest ones whatever the price is while the middle and low-income groups are seen bargaining with the sellers.
During visit to different silk showrooms at Lamabazar and Zinda Bazar Estate this reporter found that all the factories are operating day and night equally and the laborers are passing their sleepless night ahead of the Eid festival.
Jamal Ahmed, Showroom in-charge of Arong, told that katoar design shari on muslin is their greatest attraction for this Eid that was the record sale brand sari of the previous Eid.
Each of the sari is being sold at Taka 3,500 to Taka 15,000 according to size and designs.
He informed that keeping the choice of the customers of all categories in mind, varieties of saris, punjabees, three-pieces and children’s dresses were assembled at the showrooms.