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Traffic situation worsening in Sylhet

50Terrible tailbacks continued to frustrate the Sylhet city dwellers as valuable hours are being lost on the journey throughout the day. Traffic movement in the city streets almost came to a halt also on Wednesday. As a result, commuters’ valuable times and energy are being wasted and making their lives miserable. It has also great economic impact on production and thus on our national economy.
Besides, traffic congestions are intensifying sufferings of the commuters keeping people motionless as well as creating suffocating condition in the streets.One of the worst traffic congestion was experienced yesterday on the city’s Zinda Bazar Road, Court Point, Besides, the commuters also suffered the worst of traffic jams on Dorgagate Road, Rikabi bazar and on some other roads in Sylhet areas for most of the day while traffic also collapsed.
this reporter at a field visit witnessed such chaotic situation.   Though various steps were taken to ease the traffic jam, there was not a minimum impact on the overall situation. City’s almost all public transports are seen parked haphazardly on the street for taking more passengers.
Sylhet City Corporation Chief Executive Anamul Habib said it is not possible to free the Sylhet from severe traffic jam overnight. Immediate action will have to be taken against unfit vehicles, rickshaws and hawkers to free the city people from gridlock,” he said. He said many research works and analysis were done but no results have come yet. “The government will have to play its bold role in easing the traffic system in city through bringing back discipline. Go hard on drivers who violate the traffic rules,” he said.          Apart from this, many drivers stop their buses haphazardly far from the bus stop creating road blocks, he said, adding the drivers do not show regard for traffic rules, making the matter worse. “Some of them were even found gossiping keeping their vehicles on the roads while other buses are seen blocking traffic to pick up passengers under the very nose of the law enforcers. Deputy Commissioner (Traffic North) said that he along with joint commissioner, additional commissioner, other officials and constables are working round the clock to maintain smooth traffic system in the city.”We hope that the current severe traffic jam will go away after the Eid-ul-Fitr,” he said.