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Home-goers start leaving city to celebrate Eid

Home-goers start leavingA good number of people started leaving the Sylhet early to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr with their near and dear ones.
Family members especially wives, children, students and elderly ones were going much earlier of the festival to avoid journey-related hassles, travellers said.
Eid will be celebrated on July 18 or 19, depending on the sighting of Shawal moon.
Visiting the counters of Hanif Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan in Kodomtoly areas on Thursday and Friday morning the Our Correspondent  hundreds of home-goers were in a hurry with their bag and baggage to get their desired busses ignoring the incessant rain. Of the passengers, women, children and students were the majority.
Salim Ahmed, a private bank official came to Shyamoli Paribahan at Kodomtoly on Thursday to see-off his wife, mother and two sons who were going to  Sherpur to celebrate the Eid.
“I’m sending them earlier to ensure a safe journey. The hassles involving the journey, two or three days ahead of Eid is unbearable for children and elderly people,” he said.
“My sons’ school vacation has started earlier which has also helped me to take such a decision,” he said.
Md Shafiq, manager of Ena Paribahan told that the number of travellers started to increase significantly from Thursday than that of normal days.”In normal days busses leave Kodomtoly with seven or eight vacant seats, but now even the engine covers are booked,” he said.
He said the rush of passengers increased severely from Friday.
Meanwhile, hundreds of people who opt to leave the city two or three days ahead of Eid, were still moving from one counter to another in search of tickets.
According to the private bus operators, all tickets for July13 to 16 have already been sold out.