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Sylhet Shop owners happy with rising Eid sales

Sylhet Shop owners happy with rising Eid salesMost of the fashion shop owners in the Sylhet  are satisfied with their overall Eid sales this year. However, incessant downpour took a toll on their profit in the last couple of days.
Traders said though the rain slightly disrupted business during the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, they are happy for receiving a significant number of customers throughout the month.
“The sales are good. But following bad weather, the number of shoppers declined in the last two days,” said Shuhel, a salesman at Dulhan at Blue Water Shopping City.
He also said due to rainfall the traders have lost three weekends, which were the high time for sales.
Shuhel said their sales are better than last year, as these increased nearly 20 per cent this year. If weather supports, the sales will go up further before Eid, he hoped.
The owner of Rifa Fabrics at the same market also said their sales are higher than those of last year. The shop is selling different types of printed and designed salwar kamiz.
However, some shop owners and salesmen at Zinda bazar Road and Bondor bazar areas expressed frustration about their sales despite high gathering of customers.
They claimed that major portion of their Eid collection remains unsold.
The owner of Mela said his sales have been poor throughout the month. “We collected a number of shirts of different designs ahead of Ramadan, but there is hardly any customer all daylong.”
Manager of Rupnogor Fashion also said his business is not well during this festival.
“I don’t know the actual reason behind the poor sales, but we’re not doing well,” he added.
Meanwhile, traders at Panjabi shops received huge shoppers on Friday, a weekly holiday. They are displaying mainly silk and cotton-based local and Indian Panjabi and Kabuli dresses for men at reasonable prices.
They said the sales of Panjabi usually rise in the last 10 days of Ramadan. But if the rainfall continues, the shops will fail to get their targeted customers this year, they apprehended.