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Kitchen items in Sylhet city markets mark rise

32The price of fish, chicken and some vegetable items has increased in the Sylhet city markets at the weaken on Sunday. The traders say that continued rains caused rise of price of almost all kitchen items.Of the fishes,  Puti was selling at Tk 250 per kg, Live Puti at Tk 400 per kg,  Kholisa at Tk 300, Chapila at Tk 400, cultivated Koi at Tk 200 to 300, Fali Chanda (Rupchada) at Tk 1200, Chanda small at Tk 250, Walking Fish (Shoal) at Tk 350, Eel at Tk 450, Meni at Tk 400, sheat (boal) at Tk 600 to 800, Ek-thota (Kaitta fish) at Tk 550, Coral Fish at  550, river Pangas at Tk 700, cultivated Pangas at Tk 170, Rajputi at Tk 450, Tilapia at Tk  180, Ruhit at Tk 350, medium  size carp (katol) at Tk 250-300, big size katol at Tk 400 per kg,  local variety of Cat fish (Shing) at Tk 500-900, barbel at Tk 800, lobster at Tk 800-1000 and shrimp at Tk  350-400 per kg. A pair of medium size (700gm to 800gm) hilsha was selling at Tk 1200 1400. Beef is selling for Tk 400 per kg at the weekend on Friday, while meat sans bone was selling at Tk 500. The red meat was selling at Tk 550 to 600.A medium size local cock was selling at Tk 450 to 600 per piece and hen at Tk 300 to 340. The boiler chickens’ price stands at Tk 170 to 175 per kg. The egg farm was selling at Tk 32 per hali (4 pieces), egg (local) at Tk 50 and egg (duck) at Tk 38 to Tk 40. Pigeon per pair was selling at Tk180 to Tk 250 and four koil birds were selling at Tk 200 based on size.Traders claimed that price of some item has increased due to short supply and  heavy rainfall damaging many vegetable fields across the country. Brinjal was selling at Tk 60 to80 per kg, green chilli at Tk100 to 120, tomato at Tk 70 to 80, carrot at Tk 70 to 80, potato at Tk 18 to 25, bitter gourd at Tk 45 to Tk 50, balsam apple at Tk 40, okra at Tk 30, cucumber at Tk 40 to 55, spone gourd at Tk  40 to 45, arum at 60, radish at Tk 40, papaya at Tk 20, french at Tk 50 to 55, snake gourd at Tk 40 to 45, pumpkin (medium size) at Tk  40 to 50 per piece, cauliflower at Tk 40 to 45, bottle gourd at Tk 40 to 50,  ash gourd at Tk 20 to 25, coriander leaves at Tk 400. Capsicum (red) at Tk 600 and capsicum (green) at Tk 400 to 450. The coarse rice was selling at Tk 30 to 32 per kg, Pyjam at Tk 35 to Tk 36, Nazirshail brand of rice at Tk 48 to 54, Minicate at Tk 48-52, Kattari bhog at Tk 80, Basmoti at Tk 70, Pillau rice (Badsha bhog) at Tk 85 to Tk 100 and Kalijira at Tk 100 to Tk 115 only. Coarse flour was selling at Tk40 per kg and a 2-kg packet at Tk 75.  Lentil was selling on Friday at Tk 82 to 115 per kg, kheshari at Tk 46 to 52 rising from Tk 36 to 38, and pea at Tk 70 to 72, increasing from Tk 63 to 64.The local onion was selling at Tk 45 to 48 per kg, while the imported onion at Tk 40 to 42. Imported garlic’s price also rose by Tk 10 per kg and was selling at Tk 90 to 95 only, and local product at Tk 75. Imported ginger marked a rise by five to 10 and was selling at Tk 120 to 130 per kg. The locally produced ginger was selling at Tk 70 to 110 per kg based on quality.Five liters of Rupchanda brand canned soybean oil was selling at Tk 490 to Tk 505, loose super palm oil at 75 per liter, sugar at Tk 45 to 50 per kg and molasses at Tk 70 to 120 per kg and flattened rice at Tk 70 to 90 per kg.   Of fruits, date was selling at Tk 160 to 600 per kg, mango at Tk 40 to 70, guava at Tk 60 to 80 per kg, apple at Tk 130 to Tk 160, and green coconut at Tk 30 to 50 per piece on Friday.