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Afzal Hossain pairs up with Mou in Eid play

27Sadia Islam Mou has become one of idols in the country’s modelling arena to work in noted advertisement-maker, director and actor Afzal Hossain. Under Afzal’s direction Mou not only worked in TV plays but also in TV commercials. As a pair, they also presented several popular plays like Hothat Brishti, Parlena Rumki for the viewers. To cast Afzal and Mou, Noim Imtiaz Neyamul has been made a play titled Oporichita to air on NTV on the occasion of ensuing Eid-ul-Fitr. Pantho Shahriar has written story of the play. Afzal and Mou are acting in roles of Anis and Sejuti respectively in the play. Shooting of the play began on Sunday at actress Diti’s residence. While talking about the play Afzal Hossain told this correspondent, “Mou is like as my daughter. I always tried to keep her safe. We have a family relation from many years. In fact, Mou is basically a born talent. Though she has keen interest to perform as a model Mou never showed interest to act in TV plays.”Sadia Islam Mou shared her feelings by this way, “It is really delightful and happy matters for me that I got attachment with noted persons like Afzal Hossain from my childhood. When works with Afzal uncle he tries to learn me something and I really learn something about acting from him while taking part in shooting.”