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Prova-Amin Khan together for first time

31Popular film actor Amin Khan and TV actress Prova performed together for first time in a TV play which story is based on a true incident taken place in our society recently. Directed by Imran Hossain Imu Amin Khan and Prova worked together in play Nishwash. Director Imu has also written its script. Its shooting was wrapped up recently in the city’s Uttara area. While sharing his feelings to work against Prova for first time Amin Khan told this correspondent, “As an actress, Prova is outstanding. She can easily blends with her role. It became a nice work and I believe viewers will enjoy to watch the play.”Prova shared her feelings by this way, “Earlier I watched Amin Bhai’s acted several movies. He is a talented actor. I get cooperation while working with him. I hope everybody will like our work.”Nishwash will be aired on ATN Bangla in Eid-ul-Fitr.