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Fake cosmetics flood Sylhet city markets ahead of Eid

1A section of traders are producing and selling fake and substandard beauty products in the Sylhet  ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival of Muslim.
Such cosmetic products have flooded the city markets ahead of Eid and unscrupulous businessmen are making hefty profits by selling them allegedly with the help of some law enforcers.
These cosmetics are made with harmful chemicals and can cause serious harm to skin instead of serving the purpose of enhancing beauty of the users, experts said.
Sources said after tagging the labels of various reputed international and local brands on the products, the traders later supply the fake cosmetics to the shops in the city and elsewhere in the country.
Fake beauty products like moisturizer, nail polish, lotion, cold cream, face wash, cleanser, soap, powders, snows, lipsticks, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, bleach, hair dyes, oils, shaving creams and depilatories are being produced in these factories.
Besides, labels of various reputed international and local brands such as Unilever, Square Toiletries, Kohinoor Chemical, Lalbagh Chemical are used on the packets or containers of the fake products to deceive the consumers, sources said.
Raw materials for making such cosmetics are collected from shops in Mitford area while empty packets or containers of reputed branded products are used in packaging of fake beauty products.
After production, these harmful cosmetics are supplied to the markets, deceiving many people to buy the products only to invite skin diseases and other complexities.
Monir Hossain, a retailer, said, “We have to keep cosmetics from both the suppliers for selling those to different classes of customers.”
“Profits from the sales of fake cosmetics are huge in Bondor bazar area and a portion of the amount is given to law enforcers for helping the manufacturers of fake products run the illegal business,” said a cosmetics shop owner.
According to the sources, most of the fake cosmetic products are stored in warehouses of different markets in Sylhet.
“Substandard cosmetics contain strong acids and alkalis, which are very harmful for skin and hair,” experts said, adding that use of such products may cause itching, hair loss, swelling, pigmentation and even skin cancer.
Some skin-brightening products contain chemicals to create an extra layer on the skin to prevent contact with sunlight, which may cause adverse effects in the long run and even may cause skin cancer, dermatologists said.
Dermatologists said continuous use of such products can cause cancer and they advised the consumers to be more conscious while buying toiletries and cosmetics.