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Eid rush, traffic jam cripple Sylhet City

19Dwellers in Sylhet are experiencing acute traffic jam like other area of the City these days due mainly to the mad rushes of both the Eid shoppers and homebound people leaving the city to celebrate the biggest religious festival with their near and dear ones.
While visiting Sylhet City  this correspondent found hundreds of public transports, goods-laden trucks, private cars and rickshaws remained trapped in long traffic congestions on different thoroughfares from Surma point to Zinda bazar and Dorgagate to Amborkana areas.
A traffic police in Bondor bazar  area said a good number of public vehicles loaded with homebound people from different parts of the City are moving everyday towards Kodomtoly Terminal alongside the rush of shoppers.
Makeshift markets, too, contributed a lot to creating acute traffic jam in the area, he observed.
While talking to several passengers, who got exhausted on the road near Rail gate area staying there for more than an hour, they alleged that the rush of Eid shoppers had triggered an extra pressure on the streets which resulted in the sloth movement of the vehicles.
“The major hindrance to smooth flow of traffic is mostly caused by some specific reasons including indifference of the administration, lack of awareness among drivers and violation of traffic rules by irresponsible and unaware commuters,” said Salim, a teacher of a local school.
In some cases, it was also observed that some rickshaw-pullers either denied picking up passengers to their destination or demanding extra fare with the pretext of traffic jam.
Besides, the city residents and professionals often opt to go to their destinations on foot considering the consumption of extra time in traffic jam.
The traders in the area alleged the traffic tailbacks have already affected their business activities, but the authorities concerned appear to be indifferent to the nagging issue.
They called for the authorities concerned to ease traffic situation in the area immediately.
Sylhet  City Corporation officials said they were trying sincerely to ease the vehicular movement in Sylhet City  for a safer journey of the homebound people, shoppers and businessmen.