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Raja and Rubayyat with Runa Laila

32By A Shahid :

A packed House of Commons celebrated a night of modern British Asian culture when Raja and Rubayyat, the popular singing duo made a rare appearance there at the launch ceremony of forthcoming album and songs.
It is not often that music and entertainment stars mix with politicians in this venerable political arena but that’s precisely what happened when the singing sensations were joined by Asian music legend super star, Runa Laila, Baroness Pola Uddin and the hardworking MP and shadow women and girls minister Seema Malhotra who arranged this high profile cultural exchange.
However, arts and entertainment was the highlight there was a bold theme of uniting communities and even nations.  This was evident from the music stars from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.  Indeed the main stars of the night Raja and Rubayyat are good examples of two communities uniting under the wide expanse of music and culture.  Raja is from Pakistan and Rubayyat is from Bangladesh.  Seema Malhotra MP though UK born UK and raised in Osterley has roots in India. Runa Laila has lived in all three countries!
Chief Guest was Runa Laila who really needs no in introduction to fans of Asian music.  She has been celebrating a landmark 50 years in music and the British parliament honoured her with an award at this glittering event which was attended by an international media eager for an opportunity to feature the famous star.
Recently I was listening to Runa Laila classics such as Shader Lau or Jejon Premer Baab Jane Naa it truly did remind me of her popularity and stardom which clearly not had faded in the slightest. Runa Laila’s daughter and other family members accompanied her.
Speaki ng on this prestigious evening, Raja said he hoped music and culture would strengthen and create stronger ties between the two countries that already have good relations not least due to religious and cultural ties stretching back many years.
During the launch ceremony, a video screening of Raja and Rubayyat’s hit song Tumake Balobashi – O Amar Desh and Jaavidan was shown to the delight of audience members, which was a good mix of people from various UK British backgrounds representing different professions and age.
Distinguished persons from business and politics and of course music also attended.  Music producer and filmmaker Minhaj Kibriyia as well songwriter Naim Haider both were present as guests.
The committee room in House of Commons witnessed a great evening of fusion music and popular British culture. It was an event many will recall fondly for years to come.