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Criminals should be brought to face justice.


By Fatema Miah, Solihull UK.

On the 8th of July a 13/14 year old boy known as Razon was murdered in a village called Kumar Gao of Sylhet district near Jalabad Police Station.  The victim’s full name mentioned to be Samiul Alam Razon, son of Azizur Rahman of Khando Gao in Shador sub-district of Greater Sylhet District in Bangladesh.
It is unacceptable that Crime and child murder by planned cruelty can be supported by Police. Bangladesh police took a sum of six lakh taka (equivalent to five thousand plus British pounds) to repress a child murder case, it is reported in Sylhet Today 24.com, on the 14th of July 2015. It is also reported that the Local Police helped the culprit Camrul to escape after committing a drastic planned murder of a child, for a sum of only six lakh, which is equivalent to just over five thousands British pounds.  Obviously there are number of officers involved in this in this bribery. According to the reports, the culprit’s brother has been arrested and there was a further deal of an additional six lakh to be paid to the police to help the culprit’s brother to be released. The local public are being alert and have put pressure on for justice, due to them being alert that is why the police couldn’t release culprit’s brother Muhith Alam as part of their bribery deal and to dismiss the case without investigation.
The victim’s father Azizur Rahman gave statement to the news reporting team that when he went to the police station on Wednesday to the local Jalalabad police station in Sylhet to make a report, the police officers didn’t report his statement. Police office name Amirul the appointed officer at Jalalabad police station began to physically harass victim’s father Azizur Rahman to get him out of the station when he came to report his son being missing, stated Azizur Rahman.
Heart throbbing atrocity of not only an ordinary murder case, it is a case of a planned child murder with horrible cruelty by a group of grown up (adults) against one; a helpless, lone and innocent child. This inhumane, act of cruelty and murdering a child shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Bangladesh authority, police department, Sylhet District commission and the Bangladesh government will have to face a consequence and answer to such horrible death of an innocent child.
Azizur Rahaman father of the victim Razon is a Micro bus driver, works long hours. He left home in the morning for work on that day. Razon the victim child sells vegetable to help his family. After his father left for work on that day, Razon also left home in the morning to sell his vegetables, though sadly he didn’t return back home in the evening. His parents began to look for him.  Officer After looking for hours and as it was getting late, concern father Azizur Rahman went to the local police station to report and to get help finding his child.
Amirul the police officer at the local police station at Jalalabad police station, who refused to report a case by Azizur Rahman, showed dead picture of victim Razon to his father Azizur Rahman. Azizur Rahman stated that police office Amirul already made pre-reported anonymous file, while he refused to file victim’s father’s statements.  The victim’s father Azizur Rahman did tell names of suspect at the police station. Another office of the Jajalabad police station name Akhatar Hussain acknowledged and admitted Aminul’s above stated attitude towards this case.
They targeted the victim with an allegation of the victim being a chief. The culprits captured their target victim, tied him with rope against a shop’s pole and began to beat him up with a rod stick.  One person among the group of culprit began to video record the cruelty by his phone. They continuously in a cool and calm manner, systematically beat him up for an hour and half. Then very proudly they released the full cruelty and murder video recording on utube on the internet.
Anyhow Cruelty is cruelty, there is no preferences of one type over other. A Heart-Breaking distressing scene; not only beating up, they very calmly; as well as physically they tortured him emotionally too.  It is unbearable and unforgivable crime.  A horrible collective planned tortures on a defendless child cannot be ignored by any well minded human being.
After all, police didn’t arrest the criminals neither took action on this case. Four days later, after the news came out on papers and has been spread across, the local public captured the culprits and took them to the police station.  The police allowed the main culprit to escape and leave the country.  The culprit escaped to Saudi. It was reported that the culprit is a Saudi returned. Is Saudi an escape place for criminals?