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Dhaka-Sylhet highway in Sylhet side turns into a deathtrap

18The Dhaka-Sylhet highway on Sylhet ’s side has recently turned into a death trap for those who travel on the road, especially vehicles carrying goods.
Many vehicles reportedly fall into clearings and holes on this road everyday.
The Shadipur, Sherpur, Burunga, Tajpur, Kashikapon, Doyamir, Kuruya, Rashidpur, LaLabazar, Otirbary and Tatly areas of the road are especially affected.
An executive engineer of RHD, said the road has become tender due to reconstruction.
“Hopefully it’ll improve in the next two-three days,” he said.
However, this has reportedly been an issue for two years. In avoiding this part of the roads, many end up traveling with their vehicles on the village roads.
Passengers and transport service providers said on Tuesday, three goods-laden trucks tumbled into an opening on the 10km road in LaLabazar and Tatly area, while the axles of 11 goods-laden truck were broken.
Some claim, because the road and people division have not been able to clean the 10km distance, the holes have become deathtraps.