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Poet Aminur Rahman receives `Heaven Horse Award`

33Renowned poet Aminur Rahman from Bangladesh has been awarded ‘Heaven Horse Award’ by the Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry in Mongolia for his contribution towards and development of world literature. This award has been given to him by B Tulga, Deputy Minister Education and Science of Mongolian Govt at his ministry secretariat, Ulaan Bataatar  recently. Famous Mongolian Poet and the President of the academy G Mend-Ooyo was also present on the occasion. Aminur Rahman is the first Bengali poet who has received this award. Poet Aminur Rahman attended the ‘Bengali- Mongolian Poetry Reading’ session at National History Museum, Ullaan Baatar after the award giving session. There he presented a paper titled “A new wave of contemporary Bangla poetry”. He also read his poems followed by translations in Mongolian language by Poet G Mend-Ooyo. Other Important poets like Ya Baatar, J Oyunceceg, L Battsengel, O Tsend-Ayush, D Nyamaa, Dr Simon Wickham Smith, S Soyolbold and Mugi Munkhnaran also read their poems at the event. In 2006 Aminur Rahman’s poetry book ‘Heart Shore’ was translated in Mongolian languages and he received Chenggis Khan Gold Medal by Chenggis Khan University.