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Drive against unfit vehicles in Sylhet

Drive against unfit vehicles in SylhetSylhet  city and Other area dwellers on Monday suffered a lot due to poor number of vehicles following the drive of police and BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) against the unfit vehicles and illegal drivers. When the news of setting up of mobile court in front of the ChandiPul, the drivers of passenger buses instantly went on reverse gear apparently with a view to avoiding Humayon Rashid Squere  and Kodomtoly.At the same time, a section of bus owners in nexus with some influential transport leaders started to withdraw the ‘fit’ vehicles from the city roads allegedly with the intention to create pressure on the authority   making an artificial transport crisis.   And so, the impact was severe on the city dwellers. Hundreds of passengers, including women and children, were seen stranded in different points of the city.
A group of 10 lawmen set up a mobile court led by One magistrates- at ShahiEdgha yesterday noon. The mobile court aimed to remove unfit and unregistered vehicles from city streets to improve traffic situation and prevent road accidents,” the police official said.
There is widespread allegation that police contribute to the deterioration of the traffic situation by allowing the outdated vehicles ply across the city in exchange for money.