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Once popular pair again in serial Uttar Dakshin

57Once on Bangladesh Television (BTV) popular pair Abul Hayat and Dolly Zahur’s acted many plays were broadcasted. Viewers were really impressed to watch their outstanding performances in those plays. Later that pair also became popular faces in package dramas. These two popular faces again acted together in a serial titled Uttar Dakshin for BTV. Story of the 27-epiosde serial was written by Abul Hayat himself, while one of producers of BTV Shahjaman gave its direction. It is being aired on BTV at 9:00pm every Friday.  While talking about story of the serial Abul Hayat told this correspondent, “Basically main theme of the story of the serial is a combination of two stories before and later 30 years.”While talking about to work against Dolly Zahur Abul Hayat said, “Dolly Zahur is a natural typed actress. It is really a nice quality of an actress. She has come into present Dolly Zahur after breaking herself one after another times. I always feel comfortable to work against her.”Dolly Zahur told this correspondent over mobile phone from Australia, “From the beginning of my acting career I got Hayat Bhai as a cooperative co-actor. Not only as his co-actor I have also worked under his direction in many times. He is really an outstanding actor.”It may be mentioned that Abul Hayat and Dolly Zahur acted together one of the most mentionable popular serials was Eishob Dinratri. Abul Hayat acted in role of Dolly’s brother-in-law in that serial. Under Humayun Ahmed’s direction in movie Shonkhonil Karagar Abul Hayat acted in role of Dolly’s father. As a pair, they acted together in many plays during the time of package drama. Under Abul Hayat’s direction Dolly Zahur’s acted mentionable plays are: Modhdhanno Bhoj Ki Hobey? and Shesh Potro.Meanwhile, today Abul Hayat will remain engage with shooting of Salauddin Lavlu’s directed serial The Village Engineer in Pubail, Gazipur.On the other hand, recently Dolly Zahur’s acted a serial titled Mayar Khela was finished to air on RTV. Within very short after returning from Australia she will start to take part in shooting of her acted ongoing serials.