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Vegetable prices shoot up in Sylhet

58The price of vegetables have shot up abnormally in different haats and bazars in the Sylhet district following production losses due to heavy rain and water logging over last two months.
According to Sylhet Subhanigate vegetable market survey now one kilogram (kg) of brinjal is being selling at the rate of Tk 60, one kilogram snake-gourd at Tk 45, per kilogram (kg) Korolla at Tk 70, one kilogram of lady’s-finger at the rate of Tk 65, one piece of pumpkin (medium size) at Tk 80, one kilogram of potato Tk 30, one kilogram of onion at the rate of Tk 80 and one kilogram of green-chilly at Tk 140.
Vegetables are being sold at very high prices beyond the purchasing capacity of common people.
Sources said, hundreds of farmers have incurred losses due the damage caused recently by heavy rain. The worst effected areas are Jointapur, Jokigong, Khanaigate, Companigong and more areas in the district.