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Lubna Lymi`s second solo album released

17Popular singer Lubna Lymi’s second solo album titled Ektukhani Ghum has been released in the market recently. Listeners-admired Indian Bengali singer, songwriter and composer Nochiketa, who has been a tremendous inspiration for Lubna Lymi, also worked alongside her in this album. Nochiketa wrote two of the songs in the album and also did the music arrangement. The lyrics of the songs were also written by Setu Chowdhury, Abhijit Das and Lubna Lymi. The music arrangement has been done by Manam Ahmed, Setu Chowdhury, Prithviraj and Autumnal Moon. It may be mentioned that it was a dream come true for Lubna Lymi to work alongside Nochiketa, who has been an immense source of inspiration for the singer. Ever since a very young age, she has admired and looked up to Nochiketa and it was her dream to one-day work alongside him. That dream finally became a reality when she met Nochiketa recently through a film producer. She expressed how inspirational he was to her and Nochiketa finally came forward to work alongside the singer. She received positive responses for Nochiketa’s songs in the album. While talking about the album Lubna Lymi told this correspondent, “I am extremely grateful to my devoted fans who have been listening to and admiring my songs. It was definitely a dream come true for me to meet Nachiketa and I simply could not believe it. I am extremely grateful to him and everyone else who have supported me throughout in this new album.” Lubna Lymi’s first solo album titled Sotti Bolchhi 6 was released in 2012.