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’Transport fare hike in Sylhet

10Drivers and conductors of Sylhet city and Upazilla routes are going to charge additional fares on the plea of recent fuel price hike.  Bus operators in city routes charge fare at a rate much higher in comparison with rate of increase in fuel price. Sylhet City dwellers who make trips by city buses do not get the desired services. There is hardly any policy to ensure passengers’ rights.  Transport owners raise fares at intervals but care little about the quality of services they offer.
More than 35 per cent of the city dwellers choose private buses to make more than 65 per cent of their trips to and from places of work in the Sylhet.  Bus operators run their bus fleet according to their wish. There is little coordination among transport service providers. They charge different fare for the same route. Most of the buses are in bad shape and not road worthy. These automobiles with narrow space inside hardly provide passengers with the minimum comfort. Children and senior citizens suffer the most in these buses. In many cases rude mannered men, barely out of their teens operate city buses.
Buses are too limited in number and hence people are often found in mad rush to get on board those. Owners however attribute their failure in providing passengers with better services to widespread extortion. Allegedly, extortion takes away lion’s share of profit and bus owners can invest a little to improve the quality of services. However, the people have not observed effective measures by the authorities concerned in regulating bus owners and operators to ensure better services to passengers.