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Dope, mugging gangs active in Sylhet

42Muggers and notorious dope gangs have become active in committing crimes in the Sylhet a, creating panic among people.
As the religious festival is approaching near, incidents of mugging and looting money by making people unconscious have also increased in the capital.
In most cases, such incidents take place in the crowded places like shopping centres and branches of different commercial banks with muggers dodging eyes of law-enforcers.
Police said armed muggers swoop on innocent people to rob them of their valuables and money while agyan-party men use sedatives and ointment to make their prey temporarily blind and unconscious and looted money or valuables.
Falling victim to gangsters, many innocent people, mostly businessmen and office-goers, are loosing their money, gold ornaments, mobile phone sets and other valuables.
Over 200 active members of 20 organised agyan party gangs are active in the Sylhet, sources said.
A police official said law enforcers are searching for criminals, muggers and agyan-party men ahead of the festival.