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Potholes stand in way of easy movement in Sylhet

47Numerous potholes in Batchandi-Salampur road cause setback to easy movement of vehicles and pedestrians here in Bishanath Upazilla due to negligence of concerned authority over last few months.
The 1 kilometres stresses of the road from Batchandi  to Salampur has become unfit for vehicular transport due to numerous potholes, causing many sufferings to the townspeople and schools, collages, madrasha going students.
This road is being used daily for transporting kitchen goods from Bishanath to Sylhet. Now, it has become an acute problem for the town dwellers because the road has not been repaired as yet.  The road has become a death trap at night as there is not enough light on the street for easy movement of the pedestrians. Auto rickshaws often get overturned when these fall into potholes, causing injuries to passengers.
“It is difficult to walk to college as the road is water-logged in most areas from Salampur to Batchandi premises,” said jamal, a class eleven student of Dakshin Surma College.
Olankari Up Chairman Lilu miah said, it will be repaired after the rainy season.