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Mahfuz brings Aupee & Nobel together on screen after 9 years

42Popular small screen faces- Aupee Karim and Nobel have paired up under the direction of renowned actor Mahfuz Ahmed in a single-episode after a long hiatus.
Three of these audience-admired actors are vastly famous and fan favorites in the showbiz of Bangladesh. The actors belong to the same time-frame and their contributions towards the TV dramas of Bangladesh are wide-ranging.
The phenomenal actors earlier shared the same screen space once in Mahfuz’s directorial debut ‘Good Bye Senorita’. The drama went on air back in 2006 when Mahfuz Ahmed ventured into direction. Aupee and Nobel had the leading roles in the drama with Mahfuz himself appearing in a cameo.
However, after a long haul of ten years, Mahfuz has decided to reunite Aupee and Nobel for upcoming drama ‘Tumi Amake Boloni’.
“Right at this moment, I steer away from acting as much as possible. Usually I don’t act in my own directorial works. Truth be told, I’m truly enjoying the experience of working behind the camera,” said Mahfuz.
Regarding the drama, director Mahfuz said, “The story ensembles five different kind of plots. Aupee and Nobel will be seen portraying a married couple- Ahona and Sohel, but in an unusual avatar.”
Mahfuz added that the drama is based on a story which is a mix of suspense and romance at the same time.
On the other hand, when Aupee was asked about her experience, she got a wee bit nostalgic. “I remember the time when Mahfuz was a debutante behind the camera, and now he’s a veteran in this platform. Mahfuz doesn’t act in this drama but it would’ve been nicer if he did. As a matter of fact, I’ve always liked the actor Mahfuz way better than the director Mahfuz, although he’s equally great in both platforms.”
“Both Nobel and Mahfuz are my personal favorite people. It’s been almost a decade since I worked with them. I was so excited and in between the shoots, my nostalgia was constantly taking me to a tour back in time.”
Scripted by Maruf Rehman, the drama has recently wrapped up and is slated to telecast without any commercial interruption on NTV this Eid-ul-Azha.