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Mousmi Hamid to play unique role in ‘Bangata’

47Lustrous actress Mousumi Hamid will be seen playing a unique role in an Eid special tele-film titled ‘Bangata’, directed by Rajib Hasan. Other cast of this 90-minute tele-film includes actor-director Sumon Anwar, Sajjad, Pranab Sarkar Opu and Sohel Khan, among others. ‘Bangata’ will take the viewers on a ride through the time capsule, as it will depict prehistoric times, where evolution still had a long way to go. It will portray the times when humans would cover themselves up with animal skins or tree leaves, take shelter in the caves and live in forests, where hunting for food was the only form of survival. Mousumi Hamid’s getup for this unique tele-film will portray the way humans presented themselves back in those days.
Director Rajib Hasan spoke about the preparations for this tele-film, “We have created the setting that matches that time. Not just the clothing, but the food, the way they conversed, their mannerisms, everything has been matched to portray how humans interacted and survived during that era.”
The shooting of the tele-film began on Saturday in Bandarban and it will be aired on Channel i on Eid day.