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Fake currency notes flooding Sylhet markets ahead of Eid

30At least a dozen of forger gangs are currently active in Sylhet district to circulate fake notes in the market ahead of upcoming Eid-ul-Azha and Puja festivals, said detectives.
A number of residents and money exchangers in the district have expressed their concerns about the rising circulation of counterfeit money in the market.
Some residents claimed that availability of counterfeit currencies is also on the rise in the different state-owned and private banks in the district.
With the help of the corrupt bank officials, fake currency is also reportedly being included inside bundles of notes that are handed out by banks.
Generally, the criminals mainly target cattle markets where numerous transactions take place, because most sellers come from villagers and have not enough idea about fake notes.
The gang not only produce fake Bangladeshi currency but also produce Indian Rupee, US dollar and Saudi Riyal as per demands of the clients.
The gangs, now a days, are befooling the Hajj pilgrims delivering them forged US Dollar and Saudi Riyal. Besides, they provided a huge amount of Indian Rupees to the unscrupulous traders who conduct their businesses through Indo-Bangladesh border.
Meanwhile, for the people and legitimate traders, the joy and celebration of Eid has become tinged with the anxiety of falling victim to such crimes.
Sources from law enforcement agencies said the fake banknote rackets are now using small subgroups to make, collect and spread counterfeit notes among the public.
The gang members are settling in the city’s outskirts, overseeing the distribution without relying on the local counterparts.
Abdul kadir, a businessmen of Sylhet city said “We hope the authorities will take up the matter with urgency and relieve the people as well as traders across the country, who wait all year to do profitable business legitimately during the festive occasion of Eid, from anxiety and financial loss.”
Police sources told that the investigators are now focusing on the areas from where the fake notes are being circulated. “We will mount surveillance on counterfeit gangs based in the district,” police said.
Intelligence officials are also reportedly keeping an eye on the banks and ATM booths where fake notes are frequently found, they added.