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People start leaving Sylhet city to celebrate Eid

51A good number of people started leaving the Sylhet from Friday morning to observe the Holy Eid-ul-Azha with their near and dear ones at village homes.
Family members, especially wives, children, students and elderly ones were going earlier to avoid the possible journey-related hassles on September 22 and September 24, travellers said.
The Eid will be celebrated on September 25.
Visiting the Sylhet Railway Station (SRS) and private bus counters of Ena Paribahan,  Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli, SR Paribahan and Eagle Paribahan in Upshohor, Kodomtoly, areas on Friday the Correspondent found hundreds of home-goers to be in a hurry with their belongings.
Women, children and students were the majority of the passengers on the day.
However, bus services from September 17 (Thursday) were being counted as Eid buses for Rangpur, Rajshahi and Khulna divisions.
Kamal Ahmed, counter manager of Ena Paribahan, Uposhohor told that the number of travellers started to increase significantly from Thursday evening compared to that of normal days.
He said the rush of passengers increased severely from Friday morning.
Meanwhile, hundreds of people who opt to leave the city one or two days ahead of Eid were still moving from bus counters to Sylhet Rail Station (SRS) in search of tickets.
The SRS witnessed the highest crowd this year on Friday as more than 50,000 people got involved in a fight for getting tickets for September 23.
Most of the ticket seekers returned empty-handed as availability of tickets was much less against the demand.
SRS Manager said Hundreds of people also were seen waiting to secure the nearest position in the queue for September 24 tickets which will be given today (Saturday).
Visiting the SRS at Friday noon the FE found that the number of home-goers by railway also started increasing from the day.
Even many were seen sitting on the train rooftop taking risk.