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Bangladesh Bank settled 99.8% of complaints in August

17Bangladesh Bank disposed of some 495 complaints, out of a total of 496 received from bank customers in August this year, UNB reports.

The percentage of settlements is an impressive 99.8 percent, said a statement issued by the central bank.

A central bank statement said that its Financial Integrity and Customer Services department received a total of 496 complaints from customers for the month. Of these, 193 were received by email, fax, websites and post, while 303 complaints were received over telephone.

Among the received complaints, 220 were related to general banking, 95 were loan and advance-related, while 44 were related with non-payment of import bills, 27 were card-related, 15 to bank guarantees, 13 under mobile banking and 11 to do with remittance. The remaining 71 complaints were categorized as ‘other’.

The BB statement also said that the highest number of complaints was received against Sonali Bank, while the Brac Bank stood second in this regard. The third position was held jointly by Agrani Bank and Islami Bank Bangladesh limited.