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Nagar Baul tours Europe

52James, one of the most popular rockers of the country, is having a busy time touring Europe to perform along with his band members of Nagar Baul.
The team has already attended a concert in Denmark on Saturday and another in France the following day. They are scheduled to perform in their third concert of the trip to be held in France today.
Meanwhile, local fans will be able to see their favourite singer perform later today as private television channel GTV, as part of its special Eid programmes, is going to broadcast a prerecorded show by Nagar Baul starting at 11:30pm.
‘I am going to perform in three concerts in Denmark and France,’ James said before leaving for Europe. ‘In those, I will mostly sing songs requested by the audience.’
While busy in concerts abroad, the singer has expressed his dissatisfaction over the scarcity of concerts in the country. ‘It is mainly because of the continuing political unrest in the country which is hampering smooth cultural activities,’ he said.
Recently, the singer has lent his voice for a playback number in director Hasibur Reza Kollol’s Satta which will be released soon.
With an avid interest in music from an early age, James joined rock band Feelings in 1980. His popularity as a rocker was meteoric and has continued till date.
Beginning with Station Road in 1986, James’ subsequent albums like Jail Theke Bolchhi, Leis Fita Leis, Dustu Chheler Dol, Dukkhini Dukkho Korona, and Ami Tomader E Lok have paved a permanent place for him in the country’s rock history.
In 2005, the singer made his foray into Bollywood with the romantic crime drama film Gangster in which his song, Bheegi Bheegi, was liked and appreciated by millions of Indians. The number occupied the top chart position for over a month after its release.
His popularity in Bollywood grew with his subsequent performances in films such as Woh Lamhe, Life in a Metro and Warning.