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Transport corridors linking neighbours from Dec

32Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar to have passenger and cargo transport through land route
The exciting life of Bangkok, serenity of Nepal and exotic food of Bangladesh could be a road trip away. Not to forget Myanmar and Bhutan that can also be reached by road in the foreseeable future, reports the Times of India.
Accelerating the plan to have regular passenger and cargo transport through the land route, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to start the pilot runs latest by December 15.
Sources in the road transport ministry said while the pilot run between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) countries is scheduled in October-November, the first trial run of vehicles between India, Myanmar and Thailand would start by this year-end. “The representatives of BBIN countries have identified 13 routes with a maximum of five routes between India and Nepal for such transport. Two corridors have been approved for transport from Bangladesh to Nepal through India and similarly two other routes would be used for vehicular movement from Bangladesh to Bhutan via India,” said a ministry official.
The BBIN countries have already signed an agreement to fast-track seamless vehicular movement. The official said the protocol for similar transport between India, Myanmar and Thailand would be finalized in January. This decision was taken last week at a high-level meeting last week. A cross-country car rally in November will mark this path-breaking inter-national agreement for smooth movement of vehicles, which would improve trade ties among the BBIN countries.
India has already provided a draft protocol for movement of passenger vehicles and the member-countries would submit their comments to push the scheme.
“The countries have agreed to endeavour to sign the protocol on passenger vehicular movement quickly, possibly on the occasion of BBIN car rally,” a government source said.
Officials said two corridors have already been identified for tracking of the vehicles fitted with GPS devices. One of them is Kolkata to Agartala via Bangladesh. “Under this system, a vehicle from other country fitted with GPS enters another territory, it will be tracked to ensure that the vehicle is taking the designated route,” said a government source. ToI