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Nancy renders song under Kumar Bishwajit`s composition

33Noted singer and music composer Kumar Bishwajit is always sincere to render playback song. For this reason, he is not frequently seen to render playback song in movies. But the songs those were rendered by him became popular among the listeners most of the time. On the other hand, in Bangla music, Nancy has already established her position. There is demand of her vocal among all types of listeners. Kumar Bishwajit and Nancy rendered a playback song under the lyrics of Kabir Bakul together for a movie titled Jedi. Title of the lyrics is: Jhornar shesh achhey noditey giye…Aamar shesh shudhu tomar-e kachhey. Recording of the song was done at Kumar Bishwajit’s own studio in the city’s Uttara area on Sunday. This song will be used in Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s directed movie Jedi. After a break of seven years, Nancy has rendered any playback song with Kumar Bishwajit.While talking in this regard Kumar Bishwajit told this correspondent, “When Kabir Bakul’s written song came to me at first I thought Nancy’s name to render with me. It is no doubt her rendering style is superb. She has rendered the playback song nicely. I believe everybody will like the song.” Nancy shared her feelings by this way, “After many days, I have rendered a melody song for a commercial movie. Overall I have liked lyrics, tunes and composition of the song. For this reason, I have agreed to render the song. I am very much satisfied to render the song.”By recording this song work of movie Jedi started and its shooting will kick off soon, said director Sohan.It may be mentioned that in 2008, Nancy last rendered a playback song with Kumar Bishwajit in Animesh Aich’s movie Na Manush. But the movie yet not released. Earlier under Shawkat Ali Emon’s composition Nancy and Bishwajit gave their vocals for three playback songs. Kumar Bishwajit is also giving music direction of Jedi.