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Women in Bollywood are breaking stereotypes: Vidya

32Vidya Balan, who has managed to chart her own unique path in Bollywood, feels that things are rapidly changing for women in the Hindi film industry.
“Now, there is definitely more faith in movies that have female protagonists. I think that comes from the success that other women-centric films have witnessed,” says Vidya, adding: “Even generally, all over the world, women are breaking stereotypes. We’re doing the unexpected, and we’re living the way we want to live, unapologetically. I think that is inspiring [film] writers and directors, and that’s what people are identifying with.”
That’s one reason, as per Vidya, why women are opening up to playing grey roles now more than ever.
“I could do Ishqiya (2010) and TDP because they were accepted. We are not expecting our women to only be noble anymore. We’re expecting them to be real. There’s lesser judgement, when it comes to women, and that sentiment is what is finding a voice in cinema too. Having said that, we still have a long way to go,” says the actor.
Meanwhile, Vidya reveals that she is currently busy reading scripts, and is excited about playing late actress Geeta Bali in a bit role in an upcoming Marathi film.
“There was a time when actors like Nargis, Nutan and Geeta Bali were doing some wonderful work. Sometimes, I wish I was born 40-50 years ago. But, at times, I also feel glad I wasn’t born then. I think, today, female characters are more human. At that time, they were more glorified,” says Vidya. Source: Hindustan Times